Finding Sustainable potable water directly below the earth crust

The program is fine-tuned to identify high volume, self-recharging flowing water sources with around 98% of accuracy of water finding and 92% precision in predicting flow-rate. It has a track record of ~1,200+ wells drilled in Spain, Argentina, France, Mexico, Israel, Portugal, UAE and Uruguay so far.

The data-driven methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been successfully employed in modelling and forecasting non-linear hydrological processes besides handling large amounts of dynamicity and noise concealed in datasets. The three core components of our solution are elaborated as below:

Global Data Sets

Technology Overview – AI enabled Virtual Prospecting Program

(Simplified Pictorial representation of WaterQuest tech platform)

Representation of AI based Virtual Prospecting Program

Eco-conscious Drilling Process

Process flow chart client servicing

Why Us

Timeline to develop the source: 100-120 days from signing of contract.

Scope of WorkTimelines
Contract SigningT
Rig Preparation & MobilizationT+45 days (45)
Rig Preparation & MobilizationT+45 days (45)
Source DevelopmentT+75 days (30)
Pumping and Stabilization TestsT+85days (10)
Water Sample Report and Hand overT+90 days (15)
Total90 days

  • A Seven (7) day Pumping Test to establish flow-rate & static levels for well.
  • The water well will be determined as successful upon establishing the flow-rate with expected variance level of ± 15%.

Interesting Facts


1st Well Operational Since


Wells Operational




Awards & Accreditations

Successfully validated in UAE

Successful water sources developed in Hatta Valley, Marmoum, Nad al Sheba - UAE in 2012

Most recent find is in the deserts of the UAE where EXPERTS declared there is NO WATER!

Current Alternatives for fresh water

Current AlternativesChallengesTimelinePer Capita Capital Cost
Canal / Pipeline ProjectsHigh capital investment + Project Social Displacement + Environmental Clearance + Source of water not assuredAt least 3-5 yearsUSD 133.33
DesalinationHigh Capex + Negative impact to Environment + High Operating costsAt least 2-4 yearsUSD 240
Cloud SeedingEnvironment impact and unpredictability2-6 MonthsNA
TankersSmall scale – unsustainable source dependent-NA

High Level Mapping of Self Recharging Aquifers

In Different Locations In The World