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Supporting SDG 6

Waterquest is purpose-driven for-impact startup, founded in October 2015. To overcome physical water scarcity beyond the conventional paradigms of hydrogeology we have 3 Disruptive Proven Solutions.

Waterquest started its journey as a responsible organization focused on developing decentralized, perennial, climate-resilient, sustainable water sources for drinking water, irrigation, and industrial use by deploying its proprietary solution for discovering, accessing & managing self-recharging water veins/underground rivers. We have 1200+ wells all over the world with this product and all wells are currently working.

Upon success we decided to have a solution to diagnose and monitor water parameters. With this concept, we developed WaterRx - a sensor-based IoT device to monitor the water parameter and an AI-driven logical algorithm also diagnose as well as prevent the failure of the water system. The combination of these two products can solve major water problems available in the world.

But this product can not supply a temporary or flexible water supply system specially for disaster management or temporary drought-affected area. For this purpose, WaterQuest Mobile™ is developed which can treat any water to drinkable water without requirement of external power supply. This can also treat seawater into drinking water. The device is designed to serve in any area with complete mobility.

We are supported by IWB and incubated from EDI.

Awards & Recognition

WQ Chosen as Knowledge Partner for the Indo-Israel Challenge Program between Govt of India and Govt of Israel on Water Sector.
Semi-Grand Prize & Gold Prize Winner at Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2016 & 2015, Government of South Korea.
Top 3 finalists of Global Grand Challenge Awards in Water Category @ Singularity University Global Summit 2016, San Francisco.
Chosen as Part of “Champions of Change” Initiative by Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi in 2017 organized by NITI Aayog.
Selected as Top 12 Global Innovations for SDGs at STI Forum by United Nations, New York, May 2017.
Chosen as Top Social Impact companies world wide for SOCAP Scholarship, Sep 2017, California, USA.
Ranked number #6th in the top 10 Most Innovative companies in India in 2017 by Fast Company Magazine.
Recognised and registered as innovative start up under DIPP – Startup India Scheme.
DIPP & technical review by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (FITT, IIT-Delhi).
Featured in "Coffee Table Book" a compilation of 40 best startups of Gujarat.
First prize winner at nationa; summit on innovation and technology.
Selected to represent innovative water technologies as a speaker
Chosen at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, in Netherlands
Finalist for the Best ICT- Start-up at GESIA Annual Awards 2016
Skoch order of merit top 100 projects of India Dec 2016
Accredited for its path-breaking innovation
Selected at Arctic 15, in Helsinki Finland, 2019
Covered as a High impact social Enterprise
Published in Innovation Showcase Agnii
Shared the journey with global leaders
Recognized and supported by gog
Selected as alpha stage startup
Recognised for its innovtion
Recognised for its innovtion
Listed as a Global Innovation
Supporting SDG6

Our Team

Akash Bhavsar

Co-founder & Director

Akash Bhavsar, Co-founder & Director, in-charge of Project & Business Development. He has 14+ years of experience in Technology Management & International Business Development working as the Co-founder & MD of SkyQuest Technology Group.

Shriya Damani

Co-founder & Director

Shriya Damani, Co-founder & Director with over 12+ years of experience has gained expertise & experience in IP strategy & planning, Technology Management & Commercialization

Jose Luis Castello de Moxo

Chief - Well Management

Jose Luis Castello de Moxo, Chief - Well Management has over 40 years of cumulative experience in studying and identifying underground recharges from the seabed. Till date, he has an experience of developing over 1200+ water wells and well management.

Luis Castello Turell

Chief - Water Prospecting

Luis Castello Turell, Chief - Water Prospecting, an expert at Data Interpretation specializing in Hydrogeological data, Geophysical studies data, Gravitational data, data from Oil Exploration studies, Remote Sensing data etc. With experience of over 16+ years has overseen construction of 500+ wells.

Advisory Board

Ketan Shah

Chief - Drilling Operations

Dr. Jagadiswara Rao

Hon. Advisor - Expert Geologist

Dr. D. M. Mohan

Hon. Advisor - Water Management

Other Key Advisors

From Different Organizations