Water4 Life – Sustainability

Oceans cover almost 68% of the earth surface and the oceanic crust has fault-lines, fissures, fractures, through which the sea water naturally percolates to deeper recesses – where temperatures could range 500-800oC –transforming sea water into steam using geothermal heat – the steam which is under very highpressure is able to rise to shallower zones and starts to condense into moving water sources - Water Veins or Underground Rivers. The nature of water veins flows is trans-continental.

These water veins are naturally desalinated, self-replenishing and self-recharging water sources typically found at the depth between 300-800 meters, once extracted provides a perennial output without impacting underground water table.

Each source can produce between 1-4 Million Liters per Day of fresh water.

Sustainability of Source

(Differential Origin of water using Isotope studies)

The PRL, The National Facility for Isotope fingerprinting for Water led by Dr. R. D. Deshpande, has analyzed the results, WQ well waters isotopic characteristics (i.e. Oxygen 18 - O18 and Deuterium D-16) tests of WQEVP Well samples is distinct and different from Local ground water and Surface water...

Indicating that indeed we have a NEW /NOVEL SOURCE OF FRESH WATER....

Pumping Tests

How does the water taste like