About WaterQuest

When was WaterQuest Founded and who is the Founder?
The company was founded in October 2015. Mr Akash Bhavsar and Ms Shriya Damani are the Co-Founders of the Company.
Where is the company Headquarters?
Head Corporate office is located at B-501, Krishna Complex, Opp. Devashish Business Complex, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 380054 Gujarat – India
What problem are we trying to solve through our company products?
Water can pose a serious challenge to sustainable development but managed efficiently and equitably, it can play a key enabling role in strengthening the resilience of social, economic and environmental systems in the light of rapid and unpredictable changes. Our solution manages this entity efficiently and equitably.

About Water4Life

How does I get water?
With only GPS coordinates of any part of the planet we can detect, predict and isolate perennial water sources with 98% accuracy remotely and also with 90%+ accuracy of predicting flow-rate, quality, temperature and depth of the water source. Successful drilling after prospecting will get you the fresh potable water.
How does this water will come to my tap?
We only provide prospecting service. Drilling is the major concern for successful prospecting but in any case our battery limit for water supply is only till the surface level of drilled location. Further supply system has to be developed or existing supply system has to be merged with this source to have this water in your tap.
Is this water ready to drink without any treatment?
Yes, absoulately.
Is this mineral water?
It is spring water.
How many days will you take to develop one well?
90 days
What is the life of these drilled well?
They are perennial. It doesn’t have any expiry date.
Is it same as our bore well?
No, Borewells tends to dry and it has high level of TDS. Our wells isolate the borewell during drilling so that it won’t get affected.
Will borewell water level gets affected due to these wells.
No, Borewell water level not gets affected due to these wells. Both are totally separate.
How can you find the water by only GPS location?
We have global multi-source database of Hydrogeology, Seismology, Magnetic Fields, Satellite, Microwaves, Gravitational Fields, and Electrical Fields. With these entire databases our experts analyse on Porosity, Storativity, Electromagnetic Field Disruptions, Transmissivity, Fractures & Discontinuities, Hydraulic, Conductivity and Permeability to map and analyse water sources. To map these water sources, we use our Proprietary Pattern Recognition Virtual Prospecting Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Genetic-Algorithms (GA), Support Vector Machine (SVM), Bayesian Networks, Wavelet transform.
What is the Track record?
We have 1200+ successfully prospected and drilled wells all over the world. First well was drilled before 10 years and it is still in working condition.
Do you prospect for free?
No, prospecting include heavy cost of database management and its analysation. However, to reduce the cost burden, we have adopted the cost structure as per drilled flow. Low flow – Low cost, High flow – High Cost.
What if no water prospected on provided location?
No water – No money. We will refund the amount.
How does this source of water is better than other available sources?
Unlike other source, these water sources are self recharging, perennial, unaffected by weather conditions, location friendly, low operating cost potable water sources. Water4Life water sources are revolutionary to the all available conventional water sources.
Who Owns water rights?
Client will own the total water rights after successful water source development.
Is there any maintenance cost after successful drilling?
Well doesn’t require any maintenance, but usual pump maintenance is required for smooth running.
What is the cost structure?
Capex includes prospecting, drilling and material like pump, panel, cables and sensors. While Opex is simply electricity costs with routine pump panel maintenance with operator. For Capex - Prospecting cost is dependable on flow quantity of water extracted and Drilling cost.
Do we outsource Drilling? Why we offer drilling as part of our proposal?
Yes we outsource the drilling. We offer drilling as success of our prospecting is dependent on quality of drilling. Normal drilling process would not fetch the water even for correct prospecting and that will eventually make a loss for both sides. Hence, we give offer with compulsory drilling included by us or atleast drilling is done in supervision of our technical team.

About WaterRx

Why WaterRx?
WatarRx deals in monitor water parameters remotely as well as locally. With proven algorithms it can diagnose water health with values of measured parameters. Thus, this product can be termed as doctor of water. So, the devise name is WaterRx.
What is WaterRx?
Internet based Real time monitoring in water sector is the future of water industry, and WaterRX has the complete solution to monitor and serve the purpose. This tailor made RTM system can work with multiple sensor inputs and remotely communicates with the water data portal/dashboard using low bandwidth GSM connectivity and prevent any events of breakdown and water quality failure events by sensing in real time and AI helps predict future incidents including leakages, water contaminations in Utilities as well as Industry/ Treatment plants.
Is it possible to integrate existing sensors in the system?
Yes, with provided prior information only.
What if the site has Electricity availability issue?
The System can be designed to handle voltage fluctuation with battery backup. It can also be operated with a solar system for its power requirement.
Do we have to continuously monitor the parameters to avoid incidents?
Alarm over SMS for Low-High values measured for water parameters.
Is this data secured?
The system is secured and password protected. No one can use your data without your permission.
Which type of sensor it can integrate?
WaterRx is capable to monitor Digital as well as Analogues input. So technically it can integrate any sensor.
What is the primary requirement to setup the system?
Primary requirement of system is only good data-connectivity of any service carrier provider sim card, which makes it globally suitable product – especially for remote locations.
What is a site is having low network connectivity?
We have LoRaWAN Technology, as well as smartphone based compact model for low network connectivity sites.
How do I select the model and number of sensors?
We will do that for you. Just provide water test report with site description mentioning electricity, mobile network and road connectivity details.
What if mobile network is down?
WaterRx can store the data. It will send the data as soon as network is available.
What is operating cost?
Sim card monthly charges and Electricity cost are the major operating cost of WaterRx Device. Sensor has its own maintenance schedule.
Any existing system can be updated with WaterRX?

About WaterQuest Mobile

What is WaterQuest Mobile?
It is mobile, self-contained independent, automatic operated and vehicle mounted Water treatment system.
Is it under Make in India?
Is this similar to Gal Mobile?
How does machine works without any external power supply?
It uses vehicle engine power.
What is movement operation interlock?
It is one of feature of Waterquest Mobile. Unable to move during operation. Vehicle has to be stationary while treatment is under process.
Is it usable only in coastal areas?
No, it can treat any source of water and produce drinking water. So, WaterQuest Mobile is most useful product in case of natural disaster and temporary scarcity.
Why WaterQuest Mobile is useful?
Mobile water treatment unit is most useful product in case of natural disaster and temporary scarcity. Water is primary element to be provided in case of any situation and this machine can treat any water to drinkable water without any extra need of power supply. Machine can be asset for any department to give primary facilities to the affected region.